We have modern classrooms, an abundance of learning resources and spacious play areas to ensure all children reach their potential. Take an interactive tour and discover St Andrew’s Catholic Primary School Malabar for yourself!

Interactive School Tour
St Andrews Catholic Primary School Malabar - students with teacher at flexible learning areas

Flexible Learning Areas

All of our classrooms provide students with a range of seating and flexible work environments. This allows our students to be creative and use the wide range of technology provided. Students become independent learners who are facilitated in their learning.

St Andrews Catholic Primary School Malabar - students working on their laptop

Finnish Timetable

St Andrew’s has adopted a Finnish timetable after research of the benefits of active brain breaks. Students at St Andrew’s have breaks every hour to play which is a useful tool for students to help activate, energise and stimulate their brains. Research indicates that brain breaks also improve students’ concentration and relieve stress.

St Andrews Catholic Primary School Malabar - students in active playground

Active Playground

Our playground equipment assists in gross motor and balancing activities. We also have fields marked on our front and back playgrounds as well as basketball hoops, hopscotch areas and handball courts, allowing for our students to play and grow in a safe environment.